Taking the Plunge

Welcome friends! If you're here it means you've somehow stumbled upon my blog (let's be serious you're probably my roommate, mom or grandmother) and are looking to see what this place is all about. If I'm being honest, I've contemplated documenting my life through a blog for some time now, but have never had the courage to do so. What's held me back has been a combination of time (or lack there of), nerves and a general feeling of "who would want to read what I have to say?". Well now, after talking to friends, family and encouraging coworkers, coupled with the fact that I often overhear myself telling a story and think "is this ridiculousness real life?" I've decided to take the plunge.

"Never Enough Icing" is what I hope to one day call my bakery (yes, I aspire to own a bakery, more on that later) and I love the name so much I figured I'd stick with it. According to those close to me I live an interesting life and many of the situations I find myself in are not, despite my inner belief, common. I love to bake, I'm addicted to Pure Barre and I've been on more hilarious dates than many people twice my age.

This blog will serve as the place I go to post my favorite recipes, recount my most horrific (and often humorous) dating stories and share the daily trials and tribulations of being a 20 something in New York with absolutely no idea what tomorrow has in store.

Buckle up friends, it's not going to be a smooth ride.