If you need me, I'll be in the unloading zone.

Sorry for the extended absence dedicated blogobites. It's been a crazy week and a half.

The fun kicked off last Thursday when the PIC and I started out for our new abode. Paint cans, mops, brooms, gloves, and keys in hand ready to tackle whatever we encountered, +95 degree heat and we were very excited! 8 hours later we emerged sweaty, tired and in desperate need of showers but the place was definitely sparkling. The night continued with packing up the our entire old apartment, throwing away about 15 black trash bags worth of who knows what, disassembling furniture, dust busting dust bunnies bigger than me and finding things we'd been "looking for" for a while. Around 3am we called it a night and climbed into bed amped for our 6am wake-up call.

6am rolled around more quickly than either of us would have liked so we headed out for a much needed coffee run. About 20 seconds after exiting the apartment, my darling PIC informed me that she had shut the door...without our keys. Just what everyone needs at 7am on moving day.  Luckily we were able to track down our guardian angel, also known as Zollie our super, and had the door jimmied open in no time. The movers arrived at 9am and the loading began. My parents and great friend Marlee' were kind enough to come in to help and by 2pm EVERYTHING was successfully moved from the old apartment to the new apartment, albeit a mirror that Derek the mover forgot was on his truck.

We logged many hours, consumed an excessive number of hale & hearty salads, made an obscene number of trips up and down stairs, tripped many fuses and spent all of our money- but in one weekend we did the impossible. We moved everything in, unpacked, organized and decluttered our beautiful new apartment. Home for 2, coming right up.

The apartment has come together perfectly. We've managed to throw away all of our trash, at receptacles located away from our building (we're too afraid of the recycling rules- no i'm not kidding), put everything in its place, hung our clothes (only one minor closet rod incident), built IKEA furniture, re-wired electrics and befriended our neighbors. Not a bad few days.

The PIC and I are both SO beyond happy with our new apartment, our friendship and our impecable design sense and can't wait to have everyone (my blog following is still small enough that I can say that) over for a house warming soiree soon. Trust me, you want to wait for it to cool down- we live in a steam room.

The process of moving can be very stressful and can often times bring out the worst in people but I feel so incredible lucky to report that the PIC's were not subject to any of this. We have moved with smiles on our faces (almost the whole time) and have shared more laughs in the last week than most people share in a lifetime.  Our friendship may have come as a surprise to both of us but our living styles, sense of humor, fashion sense, relaxed attitude, TV tastes and culinary preferences are so spot on that I couldn't imagine a more perfect partner in crime to share this crazy experience with.

Stay tuned... pictures and a cake post to come.