's good for the soul

Well- this morning was back to the city, back to work and back to reality. After 9 days away from the big apple, the consistency of routine was calling my name.

Last Friday I packed my [perfectly perfect] Herve' weekender and headed to the suburbs. With Summer dwindling right before our eyes, I knew I had to act fast: take vacation days now or forever hold your peace.  I opted for the former.

Perfect Beach Day

While I was home I did a whole lot of relaxing. I read six books (yes six!), knocked a few classically summer items off my bucket list, spent time with family, went to the beach, enjoyed leisurely evening runs, hung out with my favorite 8 month old, and ate my weight in watermelon.
Serious Saturday night cuteness

So, what did I read you ask? A few nondescript, totally mindless beach reads by Barbara Freethy (Summer Secrets, Just a Wish Away and All She Ever Wanted), the new Emily Giffin Novel Where We Belong, a page turning West Point book about female cadets Battle Dress (my fave for those of you who know my genre obsession) and an indecently succinct cousin to the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy titled Bared to You. Confession: I started Bared to You around 8pm last night, read well into the morning hours, and finished it today during my lunch break.  I'm looking forward to the second book which comes out mid-October, but reading snobs beware- it's no literary work of genius.

In addition to total book worm status, my Bucket List got some momentum this break as I was able to knock a few stunner's off the list.  Night swimming, the Annual Lewis family trip to Rye Playland, swimming in the ocean, and going for an evening run are now OH-ficially complete. I've got a few others planned in the coming weeks and hope that by the time the first leaves fall- I'll have the full list knocked out.

Dad and I enjoying the pool!

This past Saturday, I went over to my grandparents house for breakfast with my sister, cousin and cousin's fiance'. My grandparents just recently sold their house (cue the "oh my god's" and "are you serious'") and are getting ready to move in just under two months. They've lived at 45 Avondale for over 60 years, and it's been like a second home to me all my life. I grew up a mile away and saw their house as an extension of my own. I have my own bed, my own spot at all three tables, dents I've left on the floor, grill's I've fixed, pictures I've painted, closets I know better than my current apartment and smells that instantly take me back to being a kid. It's been a mix of happiness and sadness as they start to pack up. It's definitely time for them to move onto something smaller, and more manigible, but at the same time it's scary (and nearly impossible) to imagine anyone else living in their house; it's THEIR house. Alas- I digress.

As they get ready to move all of the kids and grandkids have spent time there, talking, sorting, discussing. We've been going through furniture, calling dibs on what we want, reminiscing about all of the memories we've made (more than we could ever count) and sorting through decades of "stuff". My grandma found pictures and documents that belonged to each of her children and grandchildren and created an envelope for each of us. She plans to bring everything down to their house in Florida, and make each of us a collage of everything she has from the time were babies, through college graduation. I  can't wait to see how it turns out. In the meantime, I couldn't help sneak a peak at the pictures and man, were there some gems in there. It's hard to imagine being a little version of myself but so much fun at the same time. Here's a little snippet of what baby Sari looked like- what a nugget.

Dad, quit with the looks, ok?

No shoes, no shirt, no problem!

My first day back to work was a nice reminder of the fact that I love my apartment, love my job and love the people I work with. While it's always nice to take time off to recharge- having a place you love coming back to, makes it that much better.

Happy Monday.