Spring Forward, Fall Back

..and that's definitely what I did this Fall. I fell, farrr behind on posts.

When I started this blog I promised myself I'd use it as a place to express myself, to share my musings and absurd dating tales and as a way to escape the "should" and just write what I was feeling. But you know how it goes- life happens, time flies and before you know it, two months have passed! So now I'm back and in one not-too-long-please-don't-bore-them-they're-the-only-followers-you-have post, I will try to catch you up on what's been going on.

Fall was filled with friends, family, apple picking, pumpkin carving, parent-meeting, hurricane living and my favorite holiday, Thankgiving!

Things with the boy are better than ever and I feel incredibly lucky. The more time we spend together the more I smile and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier...sorry, that's all you get!

My three best friends and I went apple picking in October and to our chagrin there were no apples left on the trees! Can you believe it?! We've had this tradition for a few years and apparently, apple-picking season is getting shorter and shorter. We made the best of it by scooping apples out of bins and making our pies but there is something to be said for the real thing.


The next item on the fall-fun to do list was camping and pumpkin carving. Camping was a little-rocky, cold and darker than anticipated but altogether a great experience. We drove about an hour and a half from the city, and slept under the stars (and on top of some rocks). It was a short trip and next time, we will be a bit more prepared.

Pumpkin carving was a blast and the boy and I had a competition with my PIC and her boyfriend. I don't think we ever decided who won but it was a lot of fun to carve pumpkins, roast the seeds and enjoy fall beer with friends. 

Our spooky pumpkin. Carving courtesy of the boy.

Hurricane Sandy whipped through New York a few days later and while I was extremely fortunate to not withstand any damage, there were many people who were not as lucky. The Saturday following the storm a few friends and I loaded a car with supplies and headed to Staten Island to distribute what we could and assist in the relief effort. It felt great to give back knowing how many people lost everything and seeing the community we visited first-hand, we know the help was needed.

Halloween fell somewhere in the mix and it was particularly special for me this year because I was lucky enough to meet the boy's older sister and nephew and take him trick-or-treating for his first time ever! He didn't completely get the concept but loved dressing up...and we loved his candy.

Yo Gabba Gabba fueling up for the night

Hip and I trick-or-treating

One of the many decked-out houses in Sunnyside Gardens

My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, wrapped up November and I was extremely lucky to have two celebrations this year. First, our first annual Friendsgiving with Marlee, Jesse, Megan and all of our significant others and then the real Thanskgiving a few days later.

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. The flavors, the colors, the smells, the time with family- to me, it's perfect and I'm so glad I had the chance to spend the holiday with my whole family again this year. My grandparents flew in from Florida and it was great spending time with them after a few months apart. They are two of the most amazing people I know and I am so fortunate to have them both in my life.

That just about wraps up the fall-fun. December is going to speed by between holiday parties, friends visits, trips (i've got two lined up!) and of course the New York holiday activities.

Stay tuned.