Viva la Mexico



An extended period of recreation, esp. one spent away from home or in traveling.

Or at least that's what the experts say.

The purpose of taking a vacation is to get away from your daily stress. To unwind, to decompress, to spend time with family and friends. To read books you would otherwise toss on the "I-promise-I-will-read-you-one-day-but-that-day-is-sadly-not-today" nightstand pile. To lay in the sun and get a little too tan, to drink beer at 11am and wear a breathing tube to look at fish- and have that not be weird. 

I was lucky enough to embark on a weeklong vacation with my family and the boy last week and it was started out as, just what we all needed. 

My family has a tendency to book flights as early as humanly possible. If a 4am flight existed that got us to our destination in the prime sunshine hours, (hey tanning is tanning) we'd be on it. Luckily the airplane gods have us in their thoughts and the first possible flight for most destinations is 6am. So you bet your bottom dollar we were on it.

Last Saturday 6 of us headed to the airport for our 6am flight. Now if you work backwards you'll realize: boarding is 30 minutes before take off (5:30), check in is an hour before take off (5:00), and wake up is about 1.5 hours before check in. So at 3:30 when the alarm went off, up we got and off we went- 1 cab, two bags, 6 international passport check ins and we were through security. 15 hours of traveling later (a 4.5 hour flight from new york to dallas, a 1 hour time difference, a two hour layover, a 3 hour flight from dallas to cabo, another hour time difference, and a 45 minute car ride to the hotel) and we had arrrrrived. We walked into the lobby around 5pm cabo time, which was 7pm New York time, meaning upon check-in, we had been awake for 15 hours and the day was not yet over.

Once we unpacked, ate and settled into our routine the craziness calmed. It was the first time our winter Lewie family vacation has included significant others and it was a fantastic addition.

We ate great food, read books, got massages, had many laughs, consumed a LOT of alcohol and genuinely enjoyed each others company. It was a fantastic week away with a beautiful back drop.

Enjoy some photos from our trip:

The view from our room

The boy and I at dinner in San Jose

Sunset from Mona Lisa

Everyone out for drinks and sunset views