Finding Nemo

Apparently now we're in the business of naming winter storms. Who am I to judge? Nemo it is.

Nemo's on the move.
The boy and I were supposed to fly to Florida today to visit my grandparents this weekend. To say I was looking forward to the trip is a severe understatement. I'd mentally packed my suitcase (weeks ago), made a fool-proof-won't-even-forget-underwear list, preemptively decided what I was going to order at my favorite dinner spot & envisioned boarding my Monday morning flight with a warm glow.

Clearly Nemo had other plans...

Winter storm are one thing, I understand we can't control the weather and airlines are looking out for everyone's safety- but for gods sakes- plan ahead. We live in the North East, this isn't the first time a winter storm has hit, GASP, in the peak of winter.

Forecasts came out days before alerting everyone of the storm, yes Delta, that includes you. Yet, the a few nights before the storm, Delta had no plans to add extra call lines, help people change flights,  or allow trips to be rescheduled.

Here's a little insight into what I'm talking about....

Call #1 (Wednesday night)- we're not switching flights, we don't anticipate cancelations; 48 minute hold time
Call # 2 - we're switching flights with the fee waived, not the fare difference; 60 minute hold time
Call # 3- we're waiving fees & fares- all flights are booked. You can connect in DETROIT during the blizzard. Your flight is scheduled to depart on time, hang tight. 55 minute hold time
Call # 4- your flight has been canceled, we can't get you on a new flight until Sunday afternoon. You're returning Monday at 7am? We apologize for the inconvenience. If you'd like a refund we can connect you to our refund department; 1 hour 15 minute hold time + 40 minute hold time with refunds

Fast forward to present day: we're not going Florida for the weekend and I don't anticipate ranking Delta at the top of my Christmas card list next me crazy.

In the spirit of "glass half" which the boy greatly appreciates about my personality, I'm excited for a weekend of snow angels, cozy movies, hot chocolate and gluten-free goodness. I'll be hunkered down on the upper east side (in the land of heat & hot water) if you need me.

XOXO friends, stay safe.