Sure...why not? Let's apartment hunt again

Life has been crazy lately. Between work, friends, family and travel- it's been a whirlwind and I can't believe it's already April!

Spring is probably my least favorite season (I know, everyone thinks I'm nuts) but there's something about it that just rubs me the wrong way. The positive side? It mean's we're one step closer to my all-time favorite season...Summer. 

Meanwhile, as we wade through April and May in pursuit of June there's lots on the agenda. My best friend from college, Martha, is coming into town this weekend. We're going to have a girls weekend and catch up and I cannot wait! It's almost been a year since we've seen each other but since we talk almost daily, it feels like it was just yesterday.

Halloween Circa 2008
Summer 2012 on Martha's Vineyard

We had a wonderful first few days of Passover in Florida last weekend. We had a few Seders- first a BIG one with about 30 people, at my grandparents house in Florida on Saturday night (a few nights premature), a second smaller one, still in Florida on Monday night. And finally, a belated celebration with my dad's side of the family, last Saturday night up in Carmel.

They were not without drama (when is it ever with my family?) but it was wonderful to spend time with family and get to celebrate another holiday with the boy.

Speaking of which...The boy and I are apartment hunting! Big news for this blogger as I've never lived with a boy. The PIC and I will be vacating our apartment at the end of June and moving on to the big girl world of cohabitation.

My return to apartment hunting has been just as stress-inducing fun as last time around. Agents to the left of me, brokers to the right.... it's as if the market waits for potential renters, baiting them with words like "pre war" "sunsplashed" and "steps to Central Park" all the while looking to pounce with completely unfounded broker fees, condo approvals, application fees and absurd meeting times. "No I cannot meet you 85 blocks from my work at 1pm. Yes, that's right I do have a full time job" how were you expecting me to pay for this overpriced nugget of NYC real estate? In hugs? Great talk.

I will say, going through it with the boy has been great. He's been so supportive and we've been on the same page every step of the way, which is a great omen for what lies ahead. We've had the same thoughts on what we like and don't like in each place we've seen. We align on our budget, our "wish list", and even on our thoughts of the crazy brokers who bare the overwhelming burden of opening the door for us (i'm not bitter just bewildered that a key-turn gets you 15% of some poor unsuspecting soul's annual rent, maybe i'm in the wrong profession...).

We are focusing our search on 1 bedrooms on the Upper West Side, preferably with a doorman for a price that won't break the bank, ok at least not the WHOLE bank (tall order I know). I get a weird rush each time the door is about to open on a new place. A feeling inside as if this will be the one gem of a new york city apartment that no one else has seen, that is significantly under market value but huge, filled with sunlight and looks exactly like Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City digs....right because that's how it works.

For the most part we know what we're getting into before we see a place, but sometimes the only thing that can prepare you, is being there in the moment. Here's a sneak peek at what we've been through the past week, welcome to our roller coaster friends, buckle up.

Our reaction to the view from an 86th street apartment

The result of misleading photos of a place on 93rd

When the dream prewar condo on 95th lacked a condo fee

More to come as we get closer to our move in date, the glory days of packing, organizing and the big one- deciding on furniture.