Battle of the Sexes...Sort Of

I can't believe it's been nearly two months since my last post. Hellooooo abandonment!

I promise I have a good reason for my absence, or a few reasons at that. But first, we'll focus on the big one.

The boy and I moved in together. We had been planning it for months; talking about it, anxiously awaiting it, organizing for it, discussing it and then finally- it happened! We packed up our apartments (in a few more trips than either of us expected), loaded the moving van and departed for our new home. All I will say is this: nothing prepares you for moving in with someone, except actually doing it. We had boxes labeled, furniture picked out, lists on hand and several "we're together all the time anyway, it won't be any different" conversations behind us but the truth is, living with someone is different.

It's the joining of two lives. Two styles of living... and yes, that means all aspects of living, not just those you want to compromise on (which is where maintaining separate apartments totally leads you astray). Eating, sleeping, alarm sounding, towel hanging, cooking, food buying, remote controlling, bed making, schedule adjusting- everything. The sudden realization that the way you've lived for the last 5 or so years is going to take a hit, in order to compromise (key word) to accomodate for another person, is not always easy. You've made your bed a certain way for years, allowed your alarm to go off endlessly (probably a bit too endlessly) and left the apartment door unlocked because you have some false sense of security in new york, without impacting anyone but yourself.

Now, that's all changed. Everything you do, and say, impacts another person.  I think I was more surprised than the boy was at the amount of compromise that would be coming our way. He's been great- super accommodating and understanding of my control freak need to have the bed made, and perfect, all day every day (thanks Mom) and very willing to compromise. I was the one who had a bit more work to do.

All in all, moving was more of a transition than I anticipated but once we had some conversations to straighten me out- it's been smooth sailing and we are loving day to day life together. Everything from cooking dinner to commuting to work together is definitely more fun now that we're under one roof.  We had our first dinner guests last night and the boy cooked an amazing meal- it was nice to entertain in a space that's ours.

This weekend we're off to Newport! I've never been and I'm excited to spend the weekend by the water in a new place.

More to come on work, pictures of the apartment and other daily musings. And I promise it won't take me two months to post....really, I do.