Introducing...The Boy

I know, I's about time! Given the fact that the boy and I have been dating for over a year and now live together, I figured it was time I gave him a proper introduction.

While many of you know him personally, and others feel you know him through this very blog, several loyal readers have nudged me to formally introduce him. 

So I give you, "the boy". The one I have so affectionately referred to on this blog in many posts, most notably here, here and here, the one whose dating life has been splashed across the tabloids social media (this is not exactly E! news, people) and the one who has made my life better in ways I never imagined, is officially unveiled. 

Profile of "The Boy"

Name: Josh
Age: 27
Hometown: Sunnyside Gardens
Profession: Art Director (duh, that's how we met)
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Team: Rangers
Favorite Food: Velveeta (leave judgement at the door)
Passion: Music
Pet Peeve: Moldy towels, unlocked doors, poorly folded shirts

So there you have it, a quick glimpse at the guy I love who puts up with me, supports me, laughs at my jokes, massages my feet and takes tons of road trips even though he'd be perfectly content staying home, ah love (I do plenty for him too, it's not completely one sided).

From now on, he will be referred to by name and not affectionately as "the boy" as has previously been the norm.  It's been a good run, but everything runs its course. 

Happy Tuesday!