Falling for Fall

I know I'm a day late with my first ever trends post (so I'm my mother's daughter) but it comes with a snazzy blog make-over so get over it.

Now, before you chastize me for wishing away my all time favorite season, read on.

I'm a Summer girl through and through. I live for warm weather, iced coffee, sun dresses, deeply tanned skin and flip flops. Not to mention no makeup (see deeply tanned skin), weekends at the beach, pedicures, cocktails with hints of citrus, and the endless number of evenings outside.

That being said, I can't stop the changing of seasons. Trust me- I've tried. I've tried to hold on to Summer not letting the leaves change but every year without fail, Summer slips into Fall. So what have I learned with all of this hanging on i.e. denial? When Fall arrives I'm never prepared and I always hate my closet.

So in the spirit of learning from my mistakes, I'm soaking up every bit that's left of Summer but also preparing for when my sleeveless dresses look a tad out of place and my flip flops are forced to be retired.

Here are 3 trends I'm adding to my closet in preparation for Fall:
  • Leather Infused PiecesLeather made a big debut last Fall and while many were afraid of how far to take it (or how long it would last) with this year's September issues in full swing, and Leather a star, I'd say it's here to stay. I'm loving the look of leather mixed with other fabrics and textures. (1. Zara, 2. Piperlime)


  • Studded Flats- Flats are a Fall staple. When it's too cool for sandals and too warm for boots, I always reach for flats. My problem? I only own two pairs (ok, two I'd actually wear). I'm aiming to change that this year and I'm loving the look of studs to add a bit of an edge to an everyday shoe. (1. Gilt (Sale has ended), 2. Sam Edelman for Piperlime, 3. Piperlime)                  

  • Short mixed-texture jackets - You heard me. Everywhere I look, structured jackets stare back at me. Online, in store windows, off the pages of look books; From Gap to Nieman's, they seem to be the season's hot commodity. These jackets are the perfect way to add a flare or pop to an outfit and many are very affordable. Note to self: pick-up mom's houndstooth version from home closet.     (1. H&M for under $50, 2. Intermix for a pretty penny)


So there you have it, three of my must have trend for the impending Autumn season. I could go on, but frankly, my photoshop skills are not good enough to add any more trends #rookiebloggerproblems.

Check back in tomorrow for an update on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.