Labor Day Bucket Listing

Last year, as Summer drew to a close I shared my bucket list of activities I wanted to tackle before the weather turned cold. In honor of Labor Day in just a few days (tear) I'm bringing you my 2013 list. This version is based off of last year's but only includes the things I really enoyed and/or didn't have time do accomplish. I know it's often hard to make time for summer fun with work, family and life responsibilities but with summer dwindling down, I'm making it a priority. So without further adieu...

Bucket List 2.0
  • Have a beach bonfire (a long shot)
  • Annual Lewis family trip to Rye Playland
  • Eat chocolate italian ices, the real kind
  • Go kayaking 
  • Spend a day on the high line
  • Ride a city bike along the hudson path
  • Watch a movie outside
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Swim in a lake

What have you done this Summer? Do you feel like there are still Summer activities left undone? It's not too late! Get out there while the weather is still warm and knock those items off your list!

Because you're all dying to see my summer in snapshots, here are a few that make me smile:


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend, see you on the other side!