As I prepared to write this post I got to thinking...what is considered a trend outside of the fashion world? That's typically where my mind goes whenever anyone mentions, tweets, or hashtags anything to do with trends, trending and the like. To answer the question I turned to my trusty advisor, also known as google, and came up with the following: Trend- The general direction in which something tends to move. Ah, that narrows it down... not! 

So, with ambiguity looming large, here are 3 trends I'm happily moving with this season.

1.  Pumpkin flavored everything. Yes, everything. From latte's (Starbucks' seasonal version can't hit stores soon enough), to candles, to muffins to pies I'm seriously lusting over this Fall Super Spice. 


2. Nail polish galore. For those in the know, cue anyone with eyes, nail polish has been a hit for the last few years. With Fall, comes new hues, new must haves and new no-no's. One Fall nail color I absolutely love (and wear almost weekly from September through November) is one that goes, dare I say, beyond the confines of a trend and into "classic" territory; Wine, Marroon, Burgundy (po-tay-toh, po-ta-toe). A few of my favorite shades? Wicked, Material Girl, Carry On (all by Essie of course)-  do it, it's necessary.

3.  Large frame glasses. I must say I was a skeptic. I always liked how these statement eye pieces looked on others but when it came to myself, I was jussssst fine sticking with my minimalistic banana republic specs. That is until our dog Lia had herself a little glasses snack. Lia 1; Sari 0. Needles to say, on my glasses replacement trip when it came time to check out I had a rather large frame in my hand. 

Good hair days beg to be documented

Enjoy, and remember: be a pumpkin, wear dark nails and get huge glasses. Life lessons from yours truly.