Gates A to E and Everything in Between

What's it like to be in multiple airports a week? Let me tell you.

It looks a little bit like the beginning of Home Alone when the whole family runs through the terminal to the theme song "runna runna ruda". When you finally sit down, you have that nagging feeling that you forgot something; And while I've yet to forget something as monumental as my son...I've definitely left little bits of sanity along my way.

This week I was in: JFK, Charlotte, Charlottesville and LGA airports all within a span of 24 hours or less. I became an expert at sleeping sitting up, walking on conveyor belts, eating CIBO express and packing and unpacking a bag in under 10 minutes. Rental car agents looked at me like I was insane (mishearing their questions, handing them my AAA card instead of my credit card- nope that won't work, and leaning slightly to one side as a result of permanent laptop heavage). I touched down in New York yesterday afternoon, have a few days at home and then I'm back on the road.

While life is a pint sized version of MADNESS, this past trip brought me to my all time favorite collegetown- UVA. While I had less than a day to explore I made my way around and managed to enjoy a stay at the Boars Head Inn, dinner at the downtown mall, coffee on the corner, and breakfast at hidden gem Cafe Cubano. I saw family, Josh's family, students and a former intern. It was a jam packed day but one that reminded me of my major #collegecrush on the orange and blue alma matter. Charlottesville- i'll be back.