Drumroll please...

Friends! It's such an exciting day.

First of all, the weather has turned from that bone chilling "make me tea-turn on the space heater-all I want is mac & cheese" cold, to the "ditch your coat-let your hair frizz-wear FLATS-change your comforter" warmth that can only mean one thing...Spring! Who wouldn't be excited about that?

Now in true New York fashion I'm sure just the writing of this post will be the impetus to a noreaster which will dump 6-10 inches of snow on the area causing all news outlets to declare it "the coldest pesach yet" but for now, i'm reveling in it.

Ok, back to the real reason of this post: cupcakes. Delicious, perfectly frosted, individually portioned, can't get enough of them cupcakes. As promised, I've been dashing around town trying cupcakes (it's been terrible) and have my first score card to share with you today.

This score card is from one of my favorite bakeries, Amy's Bread. For anyone who knows me, you know it's where I've gotten my birthday cake for the last 3 years, and where I will continue to get my birthday cake for the foreseeable future. Their cupcakes are a staple at in-office birthday parties and while great, they sadly don't hold a candle to their cakes.

The overall verdict? The contrast between the dark chocolate cake and sweet vanilla frosting is a good one. The cupcake was beautifully decorated and the ratio of icing to cake was great. On the flip side, the cake was a bit dense and the icing overly sweet (which for me to say, takes a lot!). I'd recommend trying these cupcakes if you're in the area but they aren't worth a special trip!