The Future Mrs....

WOW! It's been a while. It's not that I don't think of my blog often, or even write posts and leave them in draft purgatory, it's just that life lately has been more go-go-go than write-write-write.

It's not for a lack of excitement or inspiration, there have certainly been exciting and inspirational things happening (a promotion, weddings, getting engaged COUGH) but all that aside, the time hasn't felt right to sit down and write...pun definitely intended.

As we dive headfirst into the wedding planning process, I couldn't think of a better time to share an update: our engagement story! 

As many of you know, Josh & I met at Ogilvy just over two years ago and started a typical New York style romance. A little emailing, a little dating, a lotta uncertainty. For those who'd like a refresher feel free to take a peek at posts 1 and 2 which give a pretty comprehensive look into our fairytale romance. All joking aside, over the past two years Josh and I have grown as a couple and I couldn't feel more ready to take the big leap into marriage with him.

Before we walk down the aisle, let's take a trip down memory lane and find out how I became the future Mrs Leavitt...

On July 31st 2014 we boarded a plane to Norfolk Virginia embarking on a nearly 2 week long vacation with our families (yes, both of them) to the Outer Banks. We had with us, in addition to our clothes, bathing suits, toiletries, sunscreen, hats, power chords, books and e-readers- cards & presents for a big "August birthday blowout" set to take place that Saturday (remember that for later).

Upon landing, Josh's dad and his friend Larry picked us up and away we went (right after a quick stop at Burger King for dinner, hey it's vacation!). Since it was late I pretty quickly stretched out on the back seat and lay my head in Josh's lap in preparation for the hour + drive to the house. A few minutes into my nap I felt something sharp and uncomfortable beneath my head (don't get any ideas people). Thinking it was Josh's belt, I went to move the buckle aside... 

HEY! he said, what are you doing?
Um, moving your belt? It's hurting my head.
I'll do it, he replied.
Ok, weirdo.

With the belt buckle gone, I closed my eyes & woke up as we were pulling into the driveway.

The next few days passed without incident. Unless you consider 5 straight days of torrential rain on your beach vacation an incident (which I obviously did). On the 5th day, Saturday, the rain continued & party preparations were well underway. 

Once everyone arrived, we gathered to give toasts and gifts to the party honorees- those with late summer/august birthdays (please note: this "everyone" includes 30 of Josh's immediate and extended family all of whom own or rent houses on the same strip of beach in Nags Head plus me, my parents and my sister). After a few toasts (and roasts) it was time for me to give Emily (Josh's sister) her gift. The unwrapping went as unwrapping usually does and then we were told to show the gift to grandma Betty (seated behind us). To be honest, this seemed odd to me, why couldn't grandma Betty see the gift later? It wasn't exactly a groundbreaking gift, but hey- what do I know.

When we turned around, we found much more than an excited grandma... there was Josh, down on one knee with a huge smile across his face, holding out a ring box. I have absolutely no idea what he said, nor do I recall saying yes (I was told I said "of course" before falling into a ball of tears). After a few minutes and a lot of cheers, Josh whispered to me: so are you going to put the ring on?! 

As the party unfolded, I was told that the whole thing was ruse and had been crafted to throw me off (because let's face it, I'm not easy to surprise).  While I can't say I didn't have some suspicions- I couldn't have imagined a better way to kickstart our married life together.

And for all those who are wondering, that "sharp object" I mentioned earlier was in fact the ring, hiding safely in Josh's wallet for the trip, and not an ordinary belt buckle.

The Future Mrs..